1. Align websocket and V3 balance response data structure.
    1. ERC20 balance data no change.
    2. Websocket account topic subscription data changed:
      1. The topic changes to {"topic": "account", "accountId": "10005", "v3": true}, and 2 response fields changed:
         totalAmount -> total
         amountLocked -> locked
        to align with the V3 REST query balance API response. "v3" flag in subscription is optional and back compatible with previous subscription message.
  2. Refine block generation websocket notification, add verbose flag to get detail info.
  3. Add hashes filter to L2 tx queries.
  4. getStorageId logic changed, a new flag maxNext to back compatible with previous behavior.


  1. Make /api/v3/user/transfers a general transfer query by hash without accountId.

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