Order Notification

Subscribe to this topic to receive notifications about order updates for specific trading pairs.


  • Topic name: order ApiKey requred: Yes


Parameter Required Note
market Y Trading pair

Status code

Value Note
104110 Invalid topic or parameters

Notification example

   "topic": {
        "topic": "order",
        "market": "LRC-ETH"
   "data": {
        "hash": "11212",
        "clientOrderId": "myOrder",
        "size": "500000000",
        "volume": "210000000",
        "price": "0.000004",
        "filledSize": "30000000",
        "filledVolume": "100000",
        "filledFee": "1000000",
        "status": "processing",
        "createdAt": "1494900087",
        "validSince": "1494900087",
        "validUntil": "1495900087",
        "side": "buy",
        "market": "LRC-ETH"

Data Model


Field Type Required Note
topic JSON Y Topic and parameters
ts integer Y Notification timestamp (milliseconds)
data Order Y The order


Field Type Required Note
hash string Y Order hash
clientOrderId string Y Client defined order ID
size string Y Amount (quantity of base token)
volume string Y Total (quantity of quote token)
price string Y Order price
filledSize string Y Filled amount of base token
filledVolume string Y Filled amount of quote token
filledFee string Y Fees paid
status string Y Order status
createdAt integer Y Order creation timestamp
updateAt integer Y Order last update timestamp
side string Y Buy or sell
market string Y Trading pair

Order status

Value Note
processing Active (aka Open, may be partially filled)
processed Fully filled
cancelling Being cancelled
cancelled Cancelled
expired Expired
waiting Pending active

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