Candlestick Notification

Subscribe to this topic to receive notifications about candlestick updates for specific trading pairs.


  • Topic name: candlestick
  • ApiKey requred: No


Parameter Required Note
market Y Trading pair
interval Y Time interval

Time intervals

Value Note
1min 1 minute
5min 5 minutes
15min 15 minutes
30min 30 minutes
1hr 1 hour
2hr 2 hours
4hr 4 hours
12hr 12 hours
1d 1 day
1w 1 week

Status code

Value Note
104106 Invalid topic or parameters

Notification example

    "topic": {
        "topic": "candlestick",
        "interval": "2hr"
    "data": [
        "1584717910000",  //open timestamp (ms)
        "5000",  //count
        "3997.3",  //open
        "3998.7",  //close
        "4031.9",  //high
        "3982.5",  //low
        "500000000000000000",  //size
        "2617521141385000000",  //volume

Data Model


Field Type Required Note
topic JSON Y Topic and parameters
ts integer Y Notification timestamp (milliseconds)
data List[string] Y Candlestick array


Index Type Required Note
1 integer Y Open timestamp
2 integer Y Nubmer of trades
3 string Y Open price
4 string Y Close price
5 string Y Highest price
6 string Y Lowest price
7 string Y Traded amount of Base Tokens (in Wei)
8 string Y Traded amount of quote Tokens (in Wei)

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